Cliff Dennett

Cliff Dennett drives revenue, tenant and partner growth for the UK's largest campus dedicated to digital technology businesses, Innovation Birmingham. Cliff founded his own technology businesses, signed deals with major rock bands and raised significant investment money and so assists the growth of the campus' tenants, with a focus on investment and growth strategies across a wide range of technical businesses. He has also held senior positions in global IT companies (Orange, AT&T and EDS) and helped LEGO develop its first ‘serious play’ product.

Cliff has done keynote speeches around the world on technology, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. He is a founding member of the ‘Future Work Forum’ an international network of experts in the world of work and also a member of the ‘Long Now Foundation’. He is co-author of ‘Conquering The Digital Overload: Leadership strategies that build engaging work cultures’, which explores challenges of leadership in a digital age and of ‘Growth Champions: The Battle For Sustained Innovation Leadership’, looking at exemplars in the world of corporate innovation.